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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
Hi guys, I know the goals you want when on holiday in the country of Indonesia. Bali is known as the island of gods or Yogyakarta is famous for its culture and heritage Hindu kingdom era (Borobudur and Prambanan). I think that's true. But you need to know on this one tourist spot, the island of Karimunjawa. There are several islands around the island Karimunjawa, with outstanding natural beauty. Karimunjawa Island is one of the islands located in the Java Sea, located about 45 km northwest from the town of Jepara. Karimunjaya Island has an interesting flora and fauna. It can be seen from the five species of flora ecosystem, mangrove forest, field-ponder, coral reefs, coastal forests and lowland forest

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
And there are many types of fauna on the island Karimunjawa, such as deer, monkeys have long tails, as well as aquatic fauna consists of 242 species of fish and 133 species of ornamental aquatic biota and there are also 2 types of turtles that live in the National Park Karimunjawa island's ecosystem. In the appeal of fauna and flora, the island Karimunjawa has an amazing beach, with crystal clear sea water and white sand beaches, making us a passion for swimming and diving. I suggest you go on vacation on the island of Publications in May through October, as the weather was very supportive.

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict

OK guys, just go ahead, I'll explain for those of you who are curious about the island Karimunjawa.
Anything you can do on the island Karimunjawa?

For diving you can do on the eastern island of MenjanganBesar, Bengkoang western parts, the eastern part of the Kembar island, the western part of the island of Parang, the western part of the Kumbang island, around the island of Kemajuan, the north and west of the island of Karimunjawa, the southern and western Geleang island, and the north and east of the island of KrakalKecil.

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
In the bottom waters near the island Kemujan, there Indono Panama shipwrecks that sank in 1955. This wreck is now a place to live for some coral reefs and reef fish. You can even see rare animals on the island Karimunjawa, hawksbill and green turtles.

For snorkeling activities you can do around the TanjungGelam Beach, Gosong Island, Tengah Island, Kecil Island, GosongCemara island, the island of Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Kecil island, island of Kembar, and the western part of the island of Bengkoang.
The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
swim with small sharks

For those of you who can not swim, you can still see the beauty of the underwater islands Karimunjawa using the Glass Bottom Boat, and you can walk under the sea by using Under Water Aquarium located on the island MenjanganBesar. Do not forget your camera. Hehehehe

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa
Underwater Aquarium
For those of you who love fishing, do not forget your equipment before you go on vacation on the island Karimunjawa. Because there are few places that can be used for fishing. For fishing you can do on the island of Menyawakan, Kemujan island, island of Parang, Kembar island, Menjangan Kecil island, and the island of Menjangan Besar.

In addition to the above activities, you can swim and sunbathe at the beach, because the island Karimunjawa have clean sea water with white sand and a long coastline. It is suitable for those of you who like sunbathing. In addition, there are also several beach like in Bali. You can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the sea line.

The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict
The Beauty of The Sea on The Island Karimunjawa pict

Access to the island Karimunjawa limited, then it is very likely you are to spend the night on the island Karimunjawa, but do not worry, because the island Karimunjawa has several inns nuanced nature, and the price is very reasonable, about U.S. $ 4 to U.S. $ 50, with payment IDR. Here are some hotels available on the island of Karimunjawa:
Ari’e Home (+62297312288), facilities (air conditioner)
Hotel Karimunjawa Inn (+62297312253), facilities (air conditioner, fan, bungalow , parabol antenna, restaurant)
Hotel Melati TK I (+62297312253) ), facilities (air conditioner)
Kura-kura Resort (+62291595931 or +62291595932), facilities (Diving tools, Jet Sky)
Menjangan Besar (+6281325293625), facilities (Under Water Aquarium)
Wisma Wisata (+62297312118), facilities (Air Conditioner, diving tools, snorkling, glass bottom boat)

Transportation to the island of Karimunjawa:
There are two ways to get to the island Karimunjawa, by boat or by using the Cassa 212 aircraft provided by Kura-kura Resort.
OK guys, I will give you info on transportation. First you come to Indonesia, you must go down in the city of Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) or Denpasar (Bali). Of the two airports, we headed for the airport in the city of Semarang using AirAsia plane. There are no direct flights from Denpasar to Semarang, but you still can go to Semarang by landing in Surabaya and Semarang switch planes headed, but still use the airline AirAsia. Meanwhile, from Jakarta to Semarang, AirAsia provides flight. Once you arrive in Semarang, you go to the port of Tanjung Mas, to sail to the island of Publications using the ship KMC Kartini I, departure; Saturday, at 9:00 and Monday, at 7.00. Or you can rent a plane from Semarang headed Publications by Cassa 212 aircraft with a passenger capacity of two to eight people.

Travel Agent in the Karimunjawa:
- Duta Karimun
Phone: (+62297) 312207
- Karimunjawa Trans
Phone: (+62291) 312107

Hopefully this info is useful. Happy Holiday guys .. :)

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