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Holiday to Singapore and southeast Asia pict
Currently, there are no little people of Indonesia are on holiday abroad, mainly to neighboring countries like Singapore. Singapore is a small country, and has a very rapid progress in the economic field, in medical terms as well in the field of tourism. Singapore have the busiest port in the world's number one, because the location is so strategic (flanked by two huge continents). In addition to having a strategic place, Singapore is a safe country to be visited. No wonder many tourists who visit, especially the people of Indonesia itself. In addition to a visa-free entry into force in 2011 and other supporting factors, such as lodging and accommodations that provide many promo. Here I will be giving out tips for those of you who want to vacation in Singapore with a safe and efficient. For those of you who do not have a Passport, immediately register at the nearest immigration office. Generally the cost of a passport starting from Rp 200,000.00 and above. State of Singapore is one country that is free visa for Indonesia passport holder, so for those of you citizens of Indonesia who want to vacation in Singapore only need to carry a passport only, and a little fill in the form of departure and arrival of each country that will be provided directly at the airport and in plane.

Holiday to Singapore and southeast Asia pict
For flights to Singapore you can order via the Internet directly, you can choose several airlines which provide as price promo AIRASIAVALU AIRTIGER AIRWAYS. You should be more diligent in looking for a ticket promotion on the internet, usually Air Asia ticket promo telling period they were a degree in a variety of media.

Holiday to Singapore and southeast Asia pict
For lodging in Singapore, you can rent apartments owned by Indonesia (Lucky Plaza Apartment), generally they rent at affordable prices. Indonesian people generally rent an apartment in Orchard Road, because it's crowded in the middle of the city, many star hotels, many people of Indonesia that has apartments in this area, booking can rent in Indonesia because the owners were Indonesia, there are many malls and places of heaven for women (fashion). Or if you want to spend the night in the tourist center of Singapore (Sentosa Island), there are 11 hotels, and resorts for rent. To look directly at the web visit. Or maybe you can visit AGODA directly, and you can choose which hotel to your liking.

Holiday to Singapore and southeast Asia pict
For accommodation there, you can use the subway in Singapore (MRT), but if you are on vacation with my family, I suggest you better take a cab because the cost will be the same. If you use the MRT, you must first buy a ticket at your destination with the touch-screen vending machines, ticket cards that you have given to the deposit, so if you've reached your goal, you can swap the card with a deposit that are stored on the card. 

Here in Singapore MRT route map:
I'll give an example: (if the picture is less clear, you can zoom in on the NEW TAB)
Holiday to Singapore and southeast Asia pict
I am from Novena station to station to Somerset, then I followed the line of the Novena to the Somerset continues until the end of the line indicates the number 5, then I have to take the train number 5 with the dismissal of the 3 I got to the Somerset station. How different from the destination station the track? I will explain. For example I want from station Cinatown to station Orchard. Then from the station I will go to Orchard to Dhoby Ghaut station with the train number 5, after I get off at Dhoby Ghaut I change trains to Chinatown with 6 train. Remember, a white round object at a particular station shows the station connecting two or more different train lines, which are marked with different colors of each lane. For a taxi, I suggest you choose a taxi with the Toyota Crown cars because they cost the public, if you choose a taxi with Hyundai or a Mercedes car then the charge will be added at an additional cost (the executive). You can also choose the bus, if you want to see the beautiful city of Singapore.


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