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Monday, 28 January 2013

2013 Malaysia MotoGP Ticket

2013 Malaysia MotoGP Ticket pict
Still at the Sepang circuit, Malaysia. If you are a fan of two-wheeled racing, especially the most prestigious motorcycle racing (MotoGP). 13 October 2013, the MotoGP race takes place in Southeast Asia, at the Sepang circuit. Sepang Circuit has memories of sorrow to the members and fans of MotoGP. Racing at this year reminds us of the tragedy that befell two years Marco Simoncelli, one of MotoGP's most talented and daring riders in my opinion.OK, for the facility, the estimated price of tickets, lodging, and accommodations at the Sepang circuit I did not discuss, as I have discussed in 2013 Malaysia Formula 1 Ticket. If you are a fan of Dani Pedrosa, would you expect the tiny rider won the race at the Sepang circuit this time, as in the previous year, he defeated world champion Jorge Lorenzo as the rain.
2013 Malaysia MotoGP Ticket pict
2013 Malaysia MotoGP Ticket pict
Ok guys, generally priced tickets Malaysian MotoGP 3/4 of the price of tickets Malaysian formula 1, so the price of tickets for the Malaysian MotoGP quite cheap. For those of you who want to feel the atmosphere of the race MotoGP race at the Sepang circuit is very friendly in terms of price. Especially the location of your country that is not far from Malaysia, such as the countries in the East Asian region, and Australia or New Zealand, because Malaysia also has a cheap flight (AirAsia) with seamless route area southeast Asia, east Asia and Australia. AirAsia also has a low-cost hotel with a distance of about 4 km from the Sepang circuit (TuneHotel LCCT) located at the LCCT airport, airports dominated AirAsia flight. Happy Holiday Guys..

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